1 October 1983 to 1 June 1990

Enlisted in the United States Air Force, 16 October 1952, and attended Radio Maintenance School. His first assignment was a 22-month tour with the Northeast Air Command in Newfoundland. He had TDY tours to Thule AFB, Sonderstrom AFB, Narsarssuak AFB and Simiutak AFS, Greenland; Keflauik, Iceland; Goose Bay and Northwest River, Labrador; and Ernest Harmon AFB, McAndrew AFB and Argentia NAS, Newfoundland. His last active duty assignment was the 689th Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron, Portland Air Base, Portland, Oregon.

On 16 October 1956, he enlisted in the Oregon Air National Guard and was assigned to the 142nd Aircraft Control and Warning Flight.

In February 1958, he was promoted to Warrant Officer-W1, with promotions to W2 and W3. He accepted a direct commission to Captain in October 1969 and was transferred to the 244th Mobile Communications Squadron.

In May 1971, he was assigned to start the 104th Tactical Control Squadron (CRP) and 104th Tactical Control Flight (FACP) in Klamath Falls, Oregon.

He attended Air Command and Staff College at Maxwell AFB, Alabama, from August 1976 to June 1977.

In June 1977, he was assigned to the 244th Combat Communications Squadron and in September 1983 he became Commander.

Colonel Hallmark retired from technician status in December 1989 and was assigned to Headquarters, Oregon Air National Guard, serving as the Communications Officer and Director of Personnel.

On 31 July 1991, the Adjutant General, Brigadier General Gene A. Katke, appointed Colonel Hallmark to the position of Assistant Adjutant General for Air.

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