1 August 1969 to 1 June 1970
4 June 1971 to 9 February 1973
2 October 1974 to 30 June 1977

Commissioned a Second Lieutenant, United States Air Force, August 1951, from AFROTC, Oregon State University.

He was a member of the Air Force Reserve, January 1952 to October 1952, with the 922nd Technical Training Wing.

In October 1952, he went on active duty, attending a communications school at Scott AFB, Illinois. He was assigned to Campion AFS, Alaska as a communications electronics officer from October 1953 to September 1954.

From February 1955 to November 1957, he was a member of the 403rd Troop Carrier Wing, Air Force Reserve, as a communications officer.

In November 1957, he joined the Oregon Air National Guard and was assigned to the 244th AACS E & I Squadron as Chief of Operations and Chief of Maintenance. On 1 August 1969, he was assigned Commander and served until 1 June 1970.

On 4 June 1971, he again assumed Command of the 244th Mobile Communications Squadron and served in that position until 9 February 1973.

On 9 February 1973, he was assigned Commander of the 116th Tactical Control Squadron, serving until October 1974.

On 2 October 1974, he again assumed Command of the 244th Mobile Communications Squadron, serving until 30 June 1977.

In July 1977, Colonel Faber transferred to the Washington Air National Guard was assigned as Deputy Commander to the 252nd Combat Commiunications Group until August 1978.

From August 1978 until December 1978, he was Commander of the 252nd Combat Communications Group.

In December 1978, he assumed the position of Deputy Commander to the 252nd Combat Communications Group until March 1981, at which time he was again assigned as Commander, serving until August 1983.

Colonel Faber retired from technician status in August 1983 and on 1 Septerber 1983, he was appointed as Assistant to the Adjutant General, Military Department, State of Washington and served in that position until April 1985.

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